Cardano APIs as Community Service

Free. Forever.

Free developer resources

Free. Forever.

Dandelion is a community-supported project led by GimbaLabs and operated by La PEACEpool Cardano repsist₳nce.

Please consider staking with PEACE pool to support this project!

Every Cardano API available

From bottom to top, from testnet to mainnet, every layer is available to access blockchain data: explorer, submit, graphql, ogmios, postgREST, Koios, Blockfrost...

Check the Cardano Developer Portal site for info about endpoints and info to get started on deploying and experimenting with it!

Got an idea?

Do you want to build the next PoolTool, a light wallet or any other dApp but can't spend resources and time on setting everything up just to make a PoC (Proof of Concept)?

No worries, start by exploring our free APIs and think about hosting/scaling later, we might help with that also in the future by offering some paid plans!

Do you think your idea can help on growing Cardano's ecosystem? Then don't forget to participate on Catalyst project by submiting your idea on IdeaScale, get feedback, iterate on it and who knows, maybe, get DeCentra-funded!